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We live in a very Health conscious society, we want the best for our families. Our pets are part of our families and we monitor their diets as closely as we do our own.

With all the pet food and snack recalls that have been in the news lately the thought of knowing what our pets are eating became a reality in our home.  Then came the news that friends had lost their dog Cooper to the tainted Dog food made with  by products from China. With the loss of Cooper came the existence of Tanner who is Barney’s Best Friend and the start of Barney’s Bitey Bits. We started to make treats for Barney and his friends to enjoy and to have the comfort of knowing exactly what the treats are made with.

Barney is a Black Lab that gets plenty of exercise, love and treats. It is only natural the Barney’s treats would be made with all organic and natural ingredients, why wouldn’t he eat the same as his owner. All treats are Animal tested by Barney, Tanner and their friends Mikey and Buster.  When the treats come out of the oven we can tell how tasty they are by how long Barney sits in front of them while they’re cooling and the occasional whimpers or sad eyes we get.  It  would be selfish of Barney not to allow other Dogs to enjoy his treats as much as he and his friends do and this brought about the Creation of Barney’s Bitey Bits.
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